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Wondrous Order
The Systematic Table
of Homeopathic Plant Remedies
Dr. Michal Yakir

The first of a 5-seminar series continues
June 1-4, 2018 in Montréal, QC and via Webinar

Simillimum is dedicated to creating moments for experienced Homeopaths
to share their experience and knowledge with their clients
and the Homeopathic community at large.

In partnership with Tara Leigh of The Homeopathy Center, Simillimum is proud to present the following seminars.

Open Seminars

Wondrous Order of Plants: Introduction

Michal Yakir Ph.D., RCHom

NOV 3-5 2017 | MONTRÉAL (QC) or via WEBINAR

A 3-day overview of the concepts essential to the full understanding of Yakir’s Table of Plants. Topics include botany, taxonomy, and an intro to all six columns of her system.

The event is over, but you can get access to Seminar 1 recordings anytime.

Wondrous Order of Plants: Columns 1 & 2

Michal Yakir Ph.D., RCHom

JUNE 1-4 2018 | MONTRÉAL (QC) or via WEBINAR

A 4-day in-depth study with cases  – discover the beginning stages of human development as it pertains to Yakir’s Columns 1 & 2 of her plant system.

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Past Seminars

Woodland & Forest Animals,and The Noble Gases

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi

SEPTEMBER 15-18, 2017 | MONTRÉAL (QC) or via WEBINAR

Learn about the lesser known animals from the Rodentia, Castoridae, Lagomorpha, Mephitidae, Procyonidae, Mustilidae, and Bovidae families. Plus one full day on the Noble Gases. Join us!

Visit for more info.

And more to come!

Keep informed as we add seminars, workshops and webinars!
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