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Dr. Michal Yakir’s
Ancient Plants: Mosses & Ferns

A new monthly 7-webinar series started October 2023.
It's not too late to join.


We are happy to announce a new and exciting series by international renown Homeopath, Dr. Michal Yakir

Catch a glimpse of what to expect in this new webinar series on the oldest plants.

Millions of years ago, algae emerged from the sea and gradually evolved into the Ancient Plants, including mosses, ferns, lycophytes, gymnosperms, and others. As these first plants evolved, they also had a significant impact on shaping the Earth's surface. It's fair to say that the Ancient Plants have played a crucial role in Earth's evolution and the development of humanity.

Ancient plants hold valuable knowledge about the diseases and extinctions of our planet that is relevant to our times. Unfortunately, the current condition of our globe appears dire, and it seems that the Earth is trying to convey a message to us: “Stop!” The Earth is not just an inanimate object; it’s a living organism, a unified entity, whose components are interdependent. It has evolved over billions of years, starting with mineral consciousness, progressing to plant life, animal consciousness, and ultimately reaching human-level consciousness. As humans, we are an integral part of the Earth, but we have lost sight of this fact.

Ancient plants can provide insight into the stages of Earth’s evolution and the evolution of Gaia’s consciousness. Their own evolution reveals what was gained in each stage and where the evolutionary process stalled, leading to disease of the earth: an extinction event. As we stand on the verge of another extinction event, we cannot afford to wait for millions of years for recovery. Therefore, it is crucial to listen to those that have survived and overcome previous extinctions, as they hold valuable knowledge that could guide us towards a sustainable future – They are the Ancient Plants.

Themes of the Ancient Plants

Dementia, Alzheimers, Infertility, Autism, Intellectual Impairment/disabilities, Disasters, Past Traumas, Connection (Oneness, light, spiritual heights, Creation)-Disconnection (Cannot connect with Contemporary Awareness, not grounded in high aspect of self, operating from low, elemental parts of the soul)

  • Diseases of old age – such as Dementia and Alzheimer, its prevalence rising dramatically in our time. “Old behavior”: like inability to accept new experiences or changes, or difficulty in getting past traumas. On the physical level: Infertility – no ability for new life.
  • Innocence, simplicity and primordiality, even oneness – which is unanswered and unaccepted by our society, leading to retreat and seclusion. In extreme cases manifesting as autism and intellectual disabilities.
  • Endurance, perseverance, surviving ability and resilience (or their absence), with particular affinity to traumas and disasters would be also an important part of ancient plants’ qualities.
  • Strong duality – Desire to still be connected with oneness [primordial ocean], thus longing for light, for heights [high spirituality], to be in touch with creation forces – but without the ability to get there practically. On the other hand, no ability to fully connect with contemporary awareness. Their high aspect is actually not connected, not grounded, or they exhibit low aspects that operate from the elemental parts of the soul: the human soul or earth’s soul.

21 hours of training • 21 CEUs

Join us on this remarkable journey into the Ancient Plants.


Only $450 CAD / $340 USD*
Register today.

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Dates & Times
Monthly on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm EST / 6am-9am PST

Webinar 1 – Oct 18, 2023
Webinar 2 – Nov 8, 2023
Webinar 3 – Nov 29, 2023
Webinar 4 – Dec 20, 2023
Webinar 5 – Jan 17, 2024
Webinar 6 – Feb 14, 2024
Webinar 7 – Date to be announced for March

All prices in Canadian dollars.


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