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Dr. Michal Yakir’s “Wondrous Order” Systematic Table of Plants

 This exclusive 5-seminar series continues online with
Seminar 4: Column 5 starting monthly January 2021



 Beloved internationally for her feminine approach to understanding botanicals in homeopathy, Michal Yakir has combined her knowledge of classical homeopathy and botany with her interest in psychology, anthropology, kabbalism and spirituality to create a system to help homeopaths better understand flowering plants from the perspective of their evolutionary and human development.

Yakir’s Seminar Series continues Online
Starts January 27th, 2021


Introduction to the “Wondrous Order”

This live event is over. Register today to watch the replays.

Introduction to all Six Columns – “Pre-separation” to “Me vs. the World”

Seminar One is a 3-day introduction and overview of the concepts essential to the full understanding and use of Yakir’s Table of Plants – including botany, taxonomy, an organization of the Table, APG vs. Cronquist systematics, an overview of the developmental aspects of the Table of Plants, and an introduction to all six columns:

  • Column One – Pre-separation
  • Column Two – Here or There
  • Column Three – The Hero
  • Column Four – Maturity and Nurturing
  • Column Five – Split
  • Column Six – Me vs. the World

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Seminar 1: Intro to the Table of Plants Replay

Purchase 3-month access to the recordings from Seminar 1
for only $300 CAD

All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes may apply.


“Wondrous Order” – Columns 1 & 2

This live event is over, but you can register to watch the replays!

Four-day in-depth study of Columns 1 and 2 with cases.

Column 1 – Pre-separation
Primal, boundless, indiscriminate, pre-ego. We will be exploring column one themes, ego, adaptation, control, money, relationships, sexuality, feminine quality, religion, social evolution, and chakra correlation.

Column Two – Here or There
Seeking one’s strength, small or big, in-between. Boundaries. We will be covering second column themes, miasm, symbols, relationships, sexuality, religion, agriculture, spiritual and chakra correlation.

MISSED THE PREVIOUS SEMINARS? Purchase 3-month access to the 2017 & 2018 Seminar recordings.

For only $695 CAD*, you can get online access to view recordings of Michal’s 3-day Intro seminar and her 4-day Seminar covering Columns 1 & 2.

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Seminar 2: Columns 1 & 2 Replay

Purchase 3-month access to the recordings from Seminar 2
for only $400 CAD

All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes may apply.


“Wondrous Order” – Columns 3 & 4

Four-day in-depth study of Columns 3 and 4 with cases.

Column 3 – A fierce journey to independence
Separate or die. At this stage, to function as a significant force in the world, the Ego needs to separate from the smothering embrace of the Feminine element – the symbolic dragon… (dominant mother/wife, Guru, government, belief, external force).

Column 4 – Separation from mother and family. Equanimity
Separation from the nurturing feminine element: the mother or the family. Separate from your roots. Be able to receive/give yet stay stable and independent. Balance. Themes of nurturing, being taken care of / forsaken, taking care of the family too early, Motherhood, over giving or accumulating.

All seminars can be attended live or remotely via webinar. After the event all attendees, whether in-person or by webinar, will be able to view the webinar for three months.


Pricing &

Seminar 3: Columns 3 & 4 Replay

Purchase 3-month access to the recordings from Seminar 4
for only $400 CAD

All prices in Canadian dollars.


“Wondrous Order” – Column 5

An in-depth study of Column 5 with cases over a series of 8 interactive webinars monthly. Attend live or watch the replays.

Column 5 – Split / The Other
I and the other. Suppression of emotion, fanaticism, rigidity, resentment, work commitment and competitiveness. At this stage, the masculine comes in more – Father, borders, hierarchy, suppression, religion, control, criticism and dryness as the fluidity of the feminine starts to fade into the background.

The Subclass Rosidae is found in Column 5. Dr. Michal Yakir will go over the various orders as part of this webinar series, provide case examples and will invite you to share your successes: Rosales, Myrtales, Fabales, Malpighiales, Geraniales, Euphorbiales, Sapindales, Rhamnales, Cornales, Santanales, Celastrales, and Apiales (Umbelliferae).

Reveal new dimensions to the remedies you are familiar with, such as Crataegus, Eugenia jambolana, Aethusa, Ruta, Rhus Tox (and so many more), and discover new plant remedies!

What’s Included in Registration?

  • Eight (8) 3-hour webinars staring monthly January 27, 2021
  • Webinar replays available to catch-up or re-watch whenever for 3-months after the last webinar
  • 28 CEUs + certificate of completion

Register before January 15, 2021 and lock in Early Bird special rate for next “Seminar: Column 6”

Dates & Times

Webinars will happen monthly on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm EST / 6am-9am PST

Webinar 1 – January 27, 2021
Webinar 2 – February 24, 2021
Webinar 3 – March 24, 2021
Webinar 4 – April 21, 2021
Webinar 5 – May 19, 2021
Webinar 6 – June 16, 2021
Webinar 7 – July 14, 2021
Webinar 8 – Aug 11, 2021

Pricing &

Seminar 4: Column 5 Registration Open



$400 CAD
approx. $315 USD

$300 CAD
Special fixed price!

All prices in Canadian dollars.


“Wondrous Order” – Column6

This monthly webinar series will begin October 2021, more information to come.

Sign up to our Yakir mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date when the seminar is open.

Pricing &

Information to come.

Previous Seminar Recordings Available!

Missed the Intro, Columns 1 to 4? Register to gain 6-month access the recordings today for a special bundled price.

INTRO, COLUMNS 1, 2, 3 & 4

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